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We love partnering with local and support local in any way we can. Here are a few ways we do so: 

Greater Topeka Partnership

In 2018, we joined the Greater Topeka Partnership. We figured it was a good way to meet other business owners in the area and possibly get our name out there on a local level. Because we didn't have a storefront, and rented out space using another local caterer's kitchen for event prep. 


The GTP hired us to provide food for breakfasts, special events and lunches over the past few years, giving us the opportunity to get to know the employees there and many of the other various members. It's been an amazing opportunity to work with them and it's created a wonderful way for us to get out there in the community.

The Topeka Zoo


As an in-trade partner with the Topeka Zoo, we get to help provide services for their special events. This is a great opportunity to let groups of people have samplings of our food without needing to book a tasting or entire meal. We can get our name out to people who may have never heard of us and create a buzz with our tasty bites. 


Each year we provide food for the Roar and Pour and Serenity Nights. These are both events that raise money for the zoo and the various projects they do. It also helps raise money for basic zoo needs, such as heaters for the lizards in the winter if one should break and other equipment such as that. 

Wheelhouse Incubator w/ 712 Innovations


This was a great opportunity for 2 Chefs. We were asked to participate in the first round of the Wheelhouse Incubator put together by 712 Innovations, another member of the GTP. 


It was an amazing class where we got to focus on our business with the help of a class of like-minded people and a mentor. The mentor was appointed by the instructor and chosen because we had the same type of companies and the mentor was also someone from this commmunity who's been in the business, whatever it may be, for many years. 

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