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In 2018, Ryan and Trish took over operations of Lake Ridge Bar & Grill, located in Ozawkie just north of the Rock Creek Marina on Lake Perry. It's nestled inside the Lake Ridge housing area and shares the building with the Great Life Pro Shop.

  When the 2 Chefs began managing the restaurant. they changed the menu to seasonal and added desserts, pasta, entree salads and a homemade flair to each dish. They still enjoy partnering with local gardens and farms to provide as many items as fresh as possible. 

  2 Chefs have specials through the week and you can find a list of them here.

  During the summer months, the 18-hole golf course attracts people from all over including groups who host various golf tournaments. It is open to Great Life members and the public for a small fee. 

  Also, with a location so close to Perry Lake, during the summer boaters and campers come to enjoy cocktails and food. Some even take food to go, and the most popular item is our Plantation Onion Rings, in honor of the former Plantation Steakhouse in Topeka. 

  The residents of Lake Ridge have various events in the park near the restaurant, including a fireworks show for the 4th of July, Easter egg hunts in the Spring and even Santa comes for Christmas each year. 

  The location can be found on the Contact page

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